Welcome to Our Church

We know it can be intimidating to pull into the parking lot of a new church and walk through those doors into an unfamiliar place. But we also know it's worth it! So we want to do our best to help you know what to expect when you visit our church.

Come Right In

As you enter our doors, you can expect a warm greeting and a friendly smile. The Worship Center is straight ahead. Nursery care is to your left.

People & Dress

Here at North Crossings, we believe everyone is welcome to come as you are inside and out.  We are people who focus on prayer and its power, and on Jesus and His mission.  We believe it is more important for someone to come and be a part of the family than worry about whether they are wearing the right shoes or clothes.  So, come as you are!


You can expect engaging and modern music & worship.


You will also find dynamic and passionate preaching from the Bible, full of practical life-application for living out the Christian life. In our worship and preaching, Jesus is the subject at North Crossings.


Sundays @ 9:30 AM

Classes for All Ages

Sundays @ 10:30 AM

Main Gathering

Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

Children & Student Events
+ Adult Bible Study