Sermon Videos

Each week we will update our YouTube Channel with the sermons from that Sunday.

  • The Great News

    The Great News Series is our look at what we know and are called to share with others about what God is willing to do to have a relationship with each of us.  Join us each Monday as we update the series.  (October 2017)

  • The 3L Tour

    At North Crossings Church we believe that we are called to live by 3 "L" s.  We are called to Love God, Love people, and Live it out.  This series about understanding what that means in the context of our congregation.  We will tour the church to see what each of these has to do with spiritual growth and learning to Live out the Love God has put in our heart.

sermon Audio

Updated Weekly, you can track our current series and listen to what is going on in our community.